Our Cows

Here at Rocky Acres, we do all that we can to keep our cows as healthy as possible and provide a food source (our raw milk) that is safe for our consumers. Our cows are not organic- but we maintain management practices that keep our cows and our milk as natural as possible. We feel that having our cows out on pasture, grazing whenever possible, is the most natural way for a cow to live. No artificial growth hormones are used and there would never be any antibiotics nor drugs present in the milk. We welcome any additional questions about our ladies and welcome our customers to ask for a tour of our facilities and a chance to meet our cows at any time! Every cow on the farm has a name and they are very friendly!


Our herd of dairy cows typically consists of about 45 milking cows, along with another 40 or so heifers (calves and yearlings). The herd is mostly all Registered cattle, primarily Holstein cows, with a sprinkling of Jerseys, Brown Swiss, and Linebacks. These are the breeds of dairy cattle that we are most passionate about and we love coming down to the barn every morning to take care of these ladies! We love cows who work well on our farm- cows who graze well, making lots of good quality milk, but who also look good doing it! We love taking the fancy ones out to compete in the show ring! Here are a few examples of the kind we breed!!


MS Po-Folks Gthr Shakira-ET VG-86 (2yr)
(Pictured as 2 year old)
Guthrie x Pintail-Point Shannie EX-90 x EX-92 x VG-87 x Ocean View Lindy Sheen EX-94 EX-MS
Shakira completes 14 generations of VG or EX dams!
Just fresh again in March!! Can’t wait for the classifier!!
Lots of other family members in the herd- maternal sisters by Lauren VG-85, Sammy & Byway


Po-Folks Giller Summer EX-91
(Pictured as 4 year old)
Giller x Rendition x EX-90 Hallmark
Great-Grand Dam purchased by Heather as a 4-H project in 1999 from Sycamore Hill Farm, Syracuse, NY
Fresh again in April with her 4th calf and looks phenomenal!
Daughters by Tequila VG-85 and two by Valentino (just fresh 2 year old & Spring yearling)

Healthy & Happy

Rocky Acres Farm is a seasonal, grass based dairy farm. This means that all of our cows calve in the months of March- May each year (this is when we start milking them), and they are milked until around Christmas, when they are dried off for the season. By drying them off, we give our cows at least two full months each year to be on “vacation,” allowing their bodies time to rest and get ready to have their next calf. When grass is growing and available, our cows go out on pasture, day and night, to eat the lush, green grass that grows so well on our “rocky” land. We balance out the diets of our cows by feeding supplemental hay, baleage, minerals, and some grain.