Raw Milk

Here at Rocky Acres, we do all that we can to keep our cows as healthy as possible and provide a food source (our raw milk) that is safe for our consumers. We drink the milk every day ourselves!! Our cows are not organic- but we maintain management practices that keep our cows and our milk as natural as possible. We graze our cows on lush, green grass and supplement them with hay, baleage, minerals, and grain to balance their diets. We feel that having our cows out on pasture, grazing whenever possible, is the most natural way for a cow to live. No artificial growth hormones are used and there would never be any antibiotics nor drugs present in the milk. We welcome any additional questions about our ladies and welcome our customers to ask for a tour of our facilities and a chance to meet our cows at any time!

Please note

Raw milk is milk that is in its most natural and unaltered state. It has not been pasteurized or homogenized (Pasteurization is the process by which organisms that may be present in the milk are destroyed, to prevent harm to human health.  Homogenization is the process of blending the milk fat (cream) into the milk, thus preventing the cream from separating and rising to the top of the jug.)

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$7 per Gallon

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$4 per Half Gallon